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I’ve crafted an experience where you're encouraged to enjoy your wedding day, prepped so you know what to expect during the process, and cared for like a friend.

My story with photography starts my freshman year of college. I was pursuing a degree in Television Arts (basically broadcast journalism) where I was working with video cameras! 

I loved learning how to make a subject POP on screen, how to back up and edit footage, and how to tell a compelling story! Using the University's cameras was great- but it wasn't enough. I asked my parents if I could take back the family DSLR camera and being the gracious people they are- they let me! I took some headshots for my friends, they posted them on social media and LITERALLY two weeks later I booked my first wedding! 

For three years, photography filled ME WITH JOY! 

I loved getting to see someone's face light up because they got an image of themselves that they loved. I worked with families, couples and shot a few more weddings but then in summer 2021 my dad got really sick.

He went into heart failure and needed someone with him in the Hospital, that someone was me! My corporate job, wanted me back in the office and in meetings that coincided with meetings with doctors. My employer told me to make a choice, be with my dad or leave my corporate job... So, I left the corporate finance job to take care of my family AND started Megan Magee Photography LLC. 

The last two years have been the most meaningful of my entire life. I’ve been able to make genuine connections, cultivate resources to make the wedding planning process easier for my clients, and photograph the most dreamy love stories. And I am really happy to let ya know my Dad is doing well.

than family, friends and loved ones.

 I am HONORED that you’ve chosen me to photograph your wedding, to preserve the most intimate moments between you, your friends and family. Life is meant to be LIVED, treasured and celebrated and I am so happy, happy, happy to do that right along side you with my camera in my hand. 

I tell you this in hope you understand this, if nothing else: there is

nothing more important